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is a secure online application that analyzes data from multiple-choice tests in order to evaluate the statistical integrity of tests and the academic integrity of students taking those tests. uses data files from machine-scored tests, submitted by our clients, to provide detailed item-level and test-level level analyses, as well as student collusion detection reports.

The diagnostic information generated by is designed to help educators in the evaluation of the performance of their individual test items and entire tests in order to improve assessment instruments.

The collusion detection analyses conduct statistical analyses between pairs of students to discern rare response patterns to items that may be consistent with unethical test-taking behavior (e.g., answer copying).

How it works
  • After purchasing a license that ranges from one year to five years in duration, users will select a user name (e.g., their email address) and private password in order to access the system from anywhere in the world via the Internet.
  • Users are then able to submit jobs (multiple-choice test data files) to for analysis.
  • Most optical mark recognition (OMR) or optical character recognition (OCR) scanner machines easily produce data files for use by .
  • then performs a large number of sophisticated analyses on our servers and produces many detailed reports designed to be immediately useful for expert as well as non-expert users.
  • Each report begins with a written summary of the overall performance of the test, highlighting the positive and potentially problematic aspects of the assessment.
  • All terms and phrases within the reports are thoroughly defined, and direction is given on what steps to take in order to improve assessments.
  • Graphical representations of the information are used whenever possible to enhance the interpretation of results.
  • Competitive and flexible pricing for individuals, faculties, institutions, and ministries
  • Online application offers benefits such as access from anywhere, platform independence, immediate access to application improvements, no computer processing on your desktop machine
  • Five collusion detection methods
  • Detailed reports at the examinee, test, item, subscale, group, writing location, and executive summary levels
  • Fast report-generation times
  • Detailed interactive glossary describing all terms and phrases
  • Downloadable print-friendly reports
  • Downloadable statistical data files of results
  • Strategies to improve assessments
  • Written summary of item and test performance to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses
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