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Step 1 - Choose the license package that is right for you.

You begin by reviewing ourpurchase page,which outlines our license package pricing.

License packages range from single-user licenses for single-year terms, which allow one user access to for 365 days, to 100-user licenses for five year terms, which allow 100 individual users access to for five consecutive years.

License packages are available in one-year to five-year terms, with best value at a five-year term. If, at any time, you require more information regarding the license packages or conditions, please click on the appropriate linked term (e.g., “License”) in the application.

We also offer hosted services to meet the needs of organizations (e.g., ministries) that require very large volumes of examinees to be analyzed. If you are an organization of this type, contact one of our representatives via our “Contact” page.

Step 2 - Login to the application.

When you have purchased a single-user license package, you will be able to login to immediately by using your email address and the password that you chose for yourself. If you have purchased a multi-user license, you will receive, via your email, a license code that will allow all of your users to register for and access . As is an online application, you can access the platform-independent system from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an Internet connection.

Step 3 - Submit jobs to .

Once you have logged into , you are ready to submit jobs (multiple-choice test data files) to for analysis. Most optical mark recognition (OMR) or optical character recognition (OCR) scanner machines easily produce data files for use by . By clicking on the “Add job” button and following the simple steps, anyone can submit their tests (jobs) to quickly and easily. If, at any time, a term is confusing, simply click on it to receive immediate definitions and instructions.

Step 4 - Access and utilize reports to improve your assessments.

performs a large number of sophisticated analyses and produces reports at the item (question), test, group (e.g., male versus female), writing location (e.g., Class 1, Class 2, etc.), examinee, and subscale levels.

conducts detailed collusion detection analyses as well as print-friendly PDF reports.

All of the reports produced by are designed to be useful for experts, non-experts, and everyone in between. Each report begins with a written summary of the overall performance of the test, highlighting the positive and potentially problematic aspects of the assessment.

In short, allows you to evaluate the statistical integrity of the items that compose your test and of the test as a whole for different groups or writing locations.

All terms and phrases within the reports are thoroughly defined and direction is given on what steps to take in order to improve your assessments. In addition, in order to enhance your interpretation of results, graphical representations of the information are used whenever possible.

Step 5 - Utilize the collusion detection features.

conducts five sophisticated statistical procedures, using pair comparisons of examinee responses to test items, to investigate instances of test collusion (e.g., answer copying) among examinees taking the tests.

You have the option of investigating individual examinees or conducting exploratory analyses on all examinees.

employs thresholds for identifying pairs of examinees who potentially engaged in collusion. These thresholds were designed to be conservative so that “false positive” (falsely identifying pairs of examinees as engaging in collusion) cases would be limited.

allows you to evaluate the academic integrity of the examinees taking the tests in a fair and scientific manner.

Step 6 - Manage your information effortlessly

All jobs submitted to are named by you and organized in a user-friendly format to suit your needs. Jobs can be sorted any way you like, and you can easily delete jobs at any time. Make use only of the summary information related to a test (e.g., Executive summary report) or go into as much detail as you wish to improve your assessment items and tests.

Step 7 - Harness the power of now

Starting at just a few dollars per month, you can take advantage of the amazing features has to offer.

By improving your assessments, both your students and your organization as a whole will benefit from offering the most fair and equitable assessment experience possible.

By using the collusion detection features, both you and your students can be confident that everyone is on an equal playing field when it comes to demonstrating knowledge on tests. Why wait? Try today!